Friday, June 17, 2011

Crafty town

There is something special about Hot Springs... maybe some thing's in the water that makes everyone so crafty but we sure have a lot of talented people in this town - many of whom feature their wares here at Larkmartin & Co.

I work in shop once a week, typically, and every time I come in, there is something new and I'm always amazed at the creativity that flourishes in our small arts community. I'm also impressed by the support the community shows its artists and small businesses. Larkmartin & Co. support local artists and, in turn, the community supports the shop. It's a feel-good cycle - one that I hope continues in our town.

Since working here, I've gotten to indulge my own crafty side - Briana usually has some fun project for me to do, whether it's making candles, lip balm or sugar scrubs. Today, I'm making Silly Bandz soap for the kiddos. See you soon. Leslie

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