Wednesday, August 24, 2011

know your farmer, know your soap

Do you know Jay and Valorie Lee, the force behind JV Farms? If you don't, you should. Good folks with great food. They set up at the Hot Springs Farmers Market every Saturday and they sell only what they grow or raise. They have organic vegetables, pastured chickens, fresh eggs, whole hog sausage and berries. Delicious, scrumptious berries. We've been discussing different ways to use local ingredients in the soap and partner in our local community and this is a perfect partnership, JV Farms blackberry soap. All the goodness of Larkmartin Soap combined with local, farm fresh fruit.
They dropped off a tub of blackberries last month to use and mouth salivated at the sight of those plump beauties. I resisted eating them and put them in the pot of soap! What has turned out is a delight! Sweet, yet not sticky sweet, blackberry scent with real blackberries! It lathers just like all the soaps you know and love. This is a unique opportunity to try the perfect partnership! JV Farms will have the soap at this Saturday's market and we have a few exclusive bars in the shop.

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